Non Destructive portable ultrasonic spot welder Automotive Industry Description

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Non Destructive portable ultrasonic spot welder Automotive Industry


Frequency: 30khz Power: 1000W
Horn: 12mm Horn Material: Alumium Alloy Or Titanium Alloy
Generator: Digital Generator Weight: 5kg In Totall
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portable ultrasonic welder


ultrasonic welding equipment

Non Destructive portable ultrasonic spot welder Automotive Industry DescriptionParameter:

Item Parameter
Frequency 30Khz
Power 1000W
Ceramice chips 4chips
Connect screw M10


What does 28Khz and 35Khz mean for ultrasonic spot welding machine? Is there any difference between them? Answer: Khz refers the ultrasonic frequency.  portable ultrasonic spot welders are mainly divided into 28Khz, 20K hz and 35Khz according to the frequency.

Can the portable ultrasonic spot welder super crystal on silica gel? Answer: Silica gel has the effect of absorbing ultrasonic waves. If there is not enough ultrasonic energy to supply, it is easy to be absorbed, and it is also difficult for the silica gel to reach the melting point. The power of the portable ultrasonic spot welding machine is much lower than that of other desktop ultrasonic machines, so the portable ultrasonic spot welding machine cannot super crystal on silica gel.Which is better for ultrasonic spot welding machine, manual or gun type? Answer: This question is a bit wrong. Ultrasonic spot welders are generally divided into two types: handheld and pistol. Hand-held is to hold the handle vertically. Generally, it is widely used for welding after slitting of trademarks, positioning welding of underwear and underwear, and positioning of shoe uppers. Pistol-type hand holding gun handle and arm level, general car door welding, plastic riveting, etc. It is widely used, and I hope it will help you.

Are there any classifications of portable ultrasonic spot welders? Answer: The portable ultrasonic spot welding machine is mainly divided into 28K, 20K, 35K according to the frequency. According to the different electric boxes, it can be divided into analog spot welding gun and automatic frequency tracking spot welding gun.How to adjust non-woven ultrasonic spot welding machine The smart electric box does not need to be adjusted. In the analog electric box, you can first check whether the generator's current indication is normal. If it exceeds the previous normal indication, it means that the frequency has shifted. You can adjust it first. If it still doesn't work, the welding head may be broken. 

Is the ultrasonic spot welder harmful to the human body? Is it effective to wear radiation-proof clothing? Answer: Ultrasound and infrasound waves are inaudible to human ears, but your nerves will feel them. They are harmful to the human body in the long term, but harmless in the short term. For example, workers must wear protective clothing during ultrasonic testing of metal welding, and other personnel must be 40 meters away. The sound wave with an audio frequency greater than 20,000 Hz is called ultrasound. It is widely used in various fields of industry. For example, B-ultrasound in medical treatment is a kind of ultrasound. In addition, phacoemulsification technology in medical surgery is an effective surgical method for internal stones. It cannot be simply said that he is harmless. It depends entirely on his energy output rate. It is beneficial at low energy, and it can be used as a murder weapon at high energy.


Does it  harm to human body of ultrasonic spot welding machine used in the production of non-woven masks Answer: Above 20Khz will cause certain harm to human body, such as 18Khz, 15Khz, so it is recommended not to choose these two frequencies.  Can we ask for circuit diagram of the ultrasonic spot welding machine, or how to repair it? Answer: general manufacturers will not provide you with circuit diagrams

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